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The J6 Committee’s parting gifts.

The half-life of George Santos’ lies.

"The Shadow knows."

The J6 Report four days later.

Happy holidays!

The Final Report: “The central cause of Jan 6. was one man.”

Volodymyr’s triumph, Vladimir’s humiliation.

Today in Congress.

The J6 Committee's report, summarized.

The judgment of history.

Next Week and Reader Comments.

Joe Biden’s Big Announcement

Science and trust.

Science and political will.

At last!

Why Musk’s meltdown matters.

She did us a favor!

Lies, damn lies, and statistics!

Disaster averted?

Senator Raphael Warnock!

“Alice in Wonderland” at the Supreme Court.

What the heck just happened?

Weekend comments from readers.

“Not so special.”

Unfinished business.

Democracy is messy--in a good way!

Voter turnout in Georgia.

A moment of reckoning?

Post-Thanksgiving re-entry.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Circumventing red flag laws in Colorado.

The foreseeable result of hate speech.

“The deed is done.”

Thank you, Madame Speaker.

A bittersweet victory.

Sprinting to the finish!

Democracy is not a “horse race.”

Why Warnock matters.

Dispelling the clouds of uncertainty.

Democratic Action Items!

A good day for democracy!

Democrats should be proud!

Have faith in democracy!

Waiting is hard . . . but not yet!

Waiting is hard . . .

Join the pre-election discussion!

When do we give up on democracy?

No effort is wasted.

“If Republicans win, you lose . . . .”

The only poll that matters.

Navigating Musk’s “free-for-all-hellscape.”

"Where's Nancy?"

A tale of two presidents.

Ignore the polls!

John Fetterman outshines Dr. Oz.

Democratic “Quality Candidates”

Putin attacks Ukraine's civilian population

Saturday therapy!

The media spin machine.

Leaving nothing undone.

Tempering our anxiety.

Leave nothing on the field of battle!

A bias toward action!

Comments section open for all readers.

Vindicating the rule of law.

J6 Committee closing argument.

An upset in the making!

Rising to the defense of the targets of GOP hate speech.

Where we stand.

Comments section open for the weekend!

Biden's campaign for social justice.

Putin's war tax on Americans.

The Court’s legitimacy crisis (again).

Reasons for hope!

"Citizenship is an act."

Comments Section open to all readers.

In the storm.

For the common good.

Founding Member Zoom Meetings

A positive step forward.

Flipping the Senate!

Our path to victory!

Join the conversation!

Q: How can you tell when Trump is incriminating himself?

A good day!

Special master brings down the hammer.

Trump’s lawyers talk of indictment.

Moral hazards.

Open for reader comments.

Lawless, corrupt, and dangerous.

Crosscurrents in the news.

Thank you, Lindsey Graham!

DOJ picking up steam!

September 11, 2022

Friday’s filings regarding special master.

DOJ calls Cannon’s bluff.

A reflection on the midterms.

Judge Cannon did everyone a favor.

A tale of two speeches.

Opening the Comments section for the weekend.

"The soul of our nation."

Trump admits guilt.

Biden shows the way forward.

A coward's bluff.

“So foul a sky . . .”

The new Joe Biden.

Biden comes out swinging.

Promises kept.

From bad to worse (for Trump).

Drip, drip, drip.

Variations on a theme.

Readers' stories of hope.

The tipping point?

Addressing GOP lies about the IRA

Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act.

The bonfire of insanity!

Celebrating a long-term accomplishment!

Reflections on reader comments.

What a week!

“No innocent explanation.”

Spreading good news!

Recalibrating our sights.

One step closer to justice.

Keep this list!

Weekend reader comments.

The GOP reveals its true colors.

Unconventional wisdom.

The GOP’s defensive posture.

Another chapter closes.

Appearance of impropriety.

Weekend reader comments.

Just how good is it?


The dam is beginning to break.

A shoe drops.

GOP declares war on government.

Saturday Reader Comments

“He chose not to act.”

A sensible reform.

On second thought . . .

The Manchin wrecking ball.

Joe Biden confronts MBS

Saturday Comments

Corrected: Echoes of a shameful legacy.

Shaping the news.


Compared to what?

Why indictments matter.

The Ninth Amendment.

Corrected: The mainstream v. the extreme.

“The mainstream vs. the extreme.”

An opening for Democrats.

Reports from the front.

Real-world consequence.

Naming names.

A modest proposal.

The “independent state legislature” myth.

We have made it through the worst.

We have made it through the worst.

The forest for the trees, or “Bright, shiny objects.”

The dam breaks.

The post-truth Supreme Court.

The engraging unfairness of Dobbs.

The path forward

Your civic duty.

It’s better that we found out now!

Lady Ruby, Lady Liberty.

Should the DOJ prosecute Trump?

Changing the conversation about Trump.

The Constitution as a star witness.

Five months is an eternity in politics!

The price of enabling Trump.

“Detached from reality”—not!

Only just beginning.

March for Our Lives

A Saturday reflection.

In defense of the Constitution.

Miah's testimony

See no evil, hear no evil

DOJ follows suit.

A moment of truth.


Biden meets the moment.

Prisoners of the Second Amendment

Trump’s revenge tour falters.

A natural experiment.

87,780 split-second decisions. All of them wrong.

"He did not act alone."

Ultimate act of cowardice.

“It’s on us.”

The blood of innocent children.

“The Big Steal.”

The death of outrage?

Outstanding Democratic candidates.

For the common good.

Coming full circle.

Reports from the trenches.

Not too soon.

An ongoing conspiracy.

Challenges that bend but do not break us.

Not giving up!

We need an attitude adjustment.

Recalling Alito’s dissent in the same-sex marriage cases

"No news" Saturday.

Coming full circle.

“The law of small numbers.”

The hard path forward.

This is just the beginning

Never too late!

“Liberty is worth the trouble.”

Russia resorts to blackmail.

“Democrats should be proud.”

The "can’t-stand-the-other-guy vote”

“Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor.”

Florida’s Bully-in-Chief

Getting tough(er) on Putin.

A judicial trainwreck.

A long slog.

“An Easter of War”

Be a hero of the resistance!

“Which America do people want to live in?”

This road leads to madness.

Time for Democrats to go on the offensive.

A lot going on!

It’s up to us.

A justice for the future.

The Putin wing of the GOP.

“Thank God for Obamacare!”

A baseball break.

Putin’s genocide.

It’s difficult to make predictions . . . .

Transgender Day of Visibility

Putin's "partner" in crime.

Trust but verify.

A coup in search of a legal theory.

Saying the quiet part out loud.

“Stay fully, totally, thoroughly united.”

The unfinished work of the American promise.

The world’s most embarrassing body.

143 Years.

Spring reminds us: We will endure.

Open Comment Night.

Putin’s unwinnable war.

“The world needed a hero.”

The folly of reading Putin’s mind.

Transparency as a weapon in the information war.

Making hard choices with no good options.

Supporting Biden as he navigates dangerous waters.

Honoring Women.

“We will be free!”

Putin taunts his victims.

The new North Korea

Special Saturday edition.

A terrorist state.

“A criminal conspiracy to defraud the U.S.”

Biden’s unity agenda.

A daughter of Ukraine.

The world unites.

Thoughts on Ukraine

There are no words.

Outlaw nation.

Biden leads the way.

Aid and comfort to the enemy.

Putin is not your friend.

Persisting during challenging times.

Short and sweet.

Biden's steady hand.

Did Putin just blink?

Biden’s information war.

From bad to worse.

Trump's Criminal Docket

Justice delayed.

Dred Scott 2.0.

The Biden economic boom.

Declaring the “time of death” for the GOP.

Biden steps up.

The lesson of Lt. Col. Vindman.

Trump’s efforts to seize voting machines.

Trump admits his crimes.

Saying the ugly part out loud.

“Experience, character, and integrity.”

Promises to keep.

The new darling of the GOP.

A sign of true leadership.

“Tending to democracy.”

The walls are closing in on Trump.

Biden asks, “What are Republicans for?”

The GOP’s troubles.

Where do we stand?

“The ultimate measure of a man.”

A hard day.

It ain’t over.

Do not relent!

McConnell’s empty threat.

Time to re-engage for 2022!

Biden speaks hard truths.

What you fight for matters.

The world’s most anti-democratic body?

The moment of truth.

Do more, worry less.