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Mr. Hubbell, Here is something to cheer you forward in this New Year. I hope you enjoy it.

Sharing Amanda Gorman's new poem, New Day's Lyric, to inspire and bless as you begin this new year…

May this be the day

We come together.

Mourning, we come to mend,

Withered, we come to weather,

Torn, we come to tend,

Battered, we come to better.

Tethered by this year of yearning,

We are learning

That though we weren’t ready for this,

We have been readied by it.

We steadily vow that no matter

How we are weighed down,

We must always pave a way forward.

This hope is our door, our portal.

Even if we never get back to normal,

Someday we can venture beyond it,

To leave the known and take the first steps.

So let us not return to what was normal,

But reach toward what is next.

What was cursed, we will cure.

What was plagued, we will prove pure.

Where we tend to argue, we will try to agree,

Those fortunes we forswore, now the future we foresee,

Where we weren’t aware, we’re now awake;

Those moments we missed

Are now these moments we make,

The moments we meet,

And our hearts, once all together beaten,

Now all together beat.

Come, look up with kindness yet,

For even solace can be sourced from sorrow.

We remember, not just for the sake of yesterday,

But to take on tomorrow.

We heed this old spirit,

In a new day’s lyric,

In our hearts, we hear it:

For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne.

Be bold, sang Time this year,

Be bold, sang Time,

For when you honor yesterday,

Tomorrow ye will find.

Know what we’ve fought

Need not be forgot nor for none.

It defines us, binds us as one,

Come over, join this day just begun.

For wherever we come together,

We will forever overcome.

- Amanda Gorman

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I feel caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I'm annoyed at the Washington Post and the NYT for promoting false narratives that sound right wing, yet where will I get my news if I cancel my subscription in protest? Very annoying.

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Thank you for your newsletter and all the effort and care you put into it. I really appreciate the information and calming nature of your advice. I’m a subscriber as a result! Happy New Year to you and all of your readers.

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Just thank you for your use of the “smell test.” Someone once said that much media is an open sewer flowing through the living rooms of America. Your column is a crystal spring of life giving liquid.

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You are the best!

The doomsday headline is so off-kilter. Who needs a survey about American violence when we already know how many people own guns— not the sportsman variety, either.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, aka Miss Piggy for Attention, joins a legion of attention hogs. If she has grandchildren, they will be ashamed.

Staying out of our worry rooms will be real important this year as lockdowns continue. I plan to participate in a many Zoom meetings as I can to keep the democratic flame alive.

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Today's Edition Newsletter is an important part of my daily routine and I am forever grateful for both its helpful perspectives and sound advice. "Do more, worry less" is now prominently displayed on my home office wall where it reminds me each day to check my priorities to be sure I have properly ordered them. Thank you.

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Yes, do more and worry less.

While Congress is not adaquitly addressing climate issues, many individuals are and indeed must, if we are going to make progress on that front. We can't wait for the slow machinery of government to solve the issue. My son and I are working on a simple, inexpensive and doable project: encourage people to add clover to their lawns to increase the uptake of CO2 from the environment. We explain the rationale with some beautiful footage complements of NASA and JPL. We hope that besides helping to reduce atmospheric CO2, this project will help individuals feel empowered on multiple fronts. Find the video here: https://youtu.be/Xla2w0f3YdE

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I have a question: How can it possibly be legal, in nay way, for Mr Trump to lie and spread lies, as he does. And for Fox News to knowingly like and led people astray? It can't be freedom of speech, can it, when it has dire consequences: e.g. shouting Fire in a crowded theater?

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WaPo has pretty much discredited itself as an institution. The great newspaper of the Watergate years has dissolved into a Trump-apology rag, that deserves to be cast into the dust bin of history. NOTE: Reputable conservative institutions, like National Review, as much as I disagree with most of what they say, have maintained their integrity-for the most part, and merit respect. WaPo? Not so.

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I will be at a vigil Thursday. The only uncertainty is what my sign will say. "Lock Him Up" is trite. How about: "Garland: ACT NOW!" or I was considering "Don't Look Up!". Thoughts?

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Am wondering if some of those taking the violence poll were thinking it might be defensible to resort to violence in order to protect the Constitution given a fascist, repressive government. I am struggling with this question myself.

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Worry is inevitable (and healthy)? Perhaps many people worry, but it is not inevitable and, most certainly, not healthy in any way.

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I think all of us have to ignore the medias predictions of the 2022 election results being a disaster and focus more on what can happen if we all get involved. The key to the election are the Independents and people of color not converting the Trump cult and getting out the vote. There are more reasons to vote for Democrats than Republicans and as the economy continues to grow and the unemployment figures remain low and as the January 6th truths come out and the pandemic is managed it becomes easier to vote Democratic. There are no good reasons to vote Republican and many to vote Democratic and we must continue to add more reasons to that pile.

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I want Kamala Harris to convene editors and journalists to reflect on their responsibility to advance democracy during this critical year. Amplifying bitterness and and marketing doom may produce dangerous consequences.

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I forgot to mention that when you read surveys that say “70% of Republicans believe the election was stolen” they are referring to the Trump Republicans not all Republicans and that also means that 30% don’t believe it. All of this adds up to the Republicans are not all dedicated and devoted to Trump. Especially in purple and swing states.

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